Reliable Orientation

Are you looking to change your job? Or are you looking for a job corresponding to your qualifications? Jobsolutions specializes in the areas of office, finance / banking, the public sector and the intellectual property. If you are at home in one of these areas, we may have something for you ... Take advantage of our good contacts and variety of possibilities we can offer you.

As an applicant, Jobsolutions offers you much more than you might expect from a personnel service provider. On the one hand we offer vacancies. You can find them under the job vacancies. On the other hand we are looking for the right position for you. We also have an applicant database where we can find candidates who are looking for a new challenge - or simply looking for a good job. The applicant database is, so to speak, our treasure chest, which we look at first when a company entrusts us with the personnel search.

In addition, Jobsolutions is by your side right through the application period - and if you wish, we would support you in the longer term. We will examine through your CV. We will give you valuable tips and hints. We will answer your questions. We advise you. We conduct mock interviews with you. We will coach you in respect to all questions and topics concerning your application. We will prepare job interviews with you. In short, we can help you make your application your distinct personal advertising. And - last but not least - we are looking for a job for you.

Send us your complete and most persuasive application – either in respect to a job offered or as an initiative application. We look forward to hearing from you. And do tell people about us where our services and services might be of interest. Although Jobsolutions cannot change the wind, we can with our expertise set the sails for your professional future.

Our services

Employment Agency
Companies use the well-established know-how, experience and diverse contacts of Jobsolutions in their search for qualified personnel. For each search, we first look into our applicant database and compare profiles. This for you is a good reason to be in our applicant database. This costs nothing and increases your chances of a good job. And it avails many opportunities, sooner or later. Do contact us.

Personnel Consulting

Executives in commercial management find suitable positions through Jobsolutions. We have excellent contacts with companies in different sectors. Individual coaching is also given by us as an important element of personal support towards your next career step. Take advantage of our national and international contacts, our in-depth knowledge of markets and our discretion.

Temporary Employment
A permanent position is one thing. Temporary employment another. The so-called field of temporary employment is a very interesting alternative even - or especially - for qualified people. An employment relationship at Jobsolutions offers you a permanent contract of employment with all social protection, collective terms (German law: IGZ-DGB) and interesting assignments in various businesses and industries.

The clear advantage of temporary placements is that you gain a wide range of experience without being immediately bound. Temporarily assigned, you usually work outside of collegial competition, which can be a great advantage. Through our Try & Hire model, you always have the opportunity to look at a potential future workplace - and if desired, eventually transfer to a permanent engagement.

Applicant Information

If you are applying to Jobsolutions, please send us your application per e-mail. Please pay attention to the information given in the respective advertisement. In any case, please indicate what you are applying for. This makes it easier for us to deal with and puts you in first advantage.

We are sure that you know the basics of putting together a meaningful application. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Otherwise, we assume that the multiplicity of existing application guides in the form of books, CD, DVD and the Internet is sufficient. That's why at this stage only three points are especially important to us:


  • The written application provides the first impression of you. You will not get a second chance to provide that first impression.
  • No matter how and where you apply, be authentic. Take advantage of the variety of tips and the context therein, but utilize only what really is you, and which bolsters your confidence.
  • Prepare yourself thoroughly for each interview and for each company. Your interviewer knows a lot about you through your application documents. Bring yourself forward through possessing appropriate knowledge about the company.

You did not find a suitable position in our job exchange and would like to send us an initiative application? You are most welcome to send us your application documents online.