Forging secure relationships

Finding the right staff is a challenging and, above all, time-consuming task. Benefit from the know-how, the good contacts and the long-term experience of Jobsolutions, the expert for permanent and temporary staff.

Jobsolutions specializes in the areas of office, finance / banking, the public sector and the intellectual property - from executive management to administration. This specialization allows us to search for and find the candidates who are suitable for you.

We are integrated into a functioning network and equipped with a comfortable applicant database as well as having our own employees, and we would like to be your partner for personnel recruitment, personnel consulting and temporary employee assignments.

The search for suitable staff is always a case of to “know how" and to "know where". That is where our strength lies. With up-to-date methods and practices, we will find suitable candidates for your vacancies. Please do contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our services

Jobsolutions will help you find the right staff. First, we create a requirement profile together. Our consultation and our quality guidance support this process. Then we conduct the search. We compare precise requirements and suitability of the candidates and make the pre-selection among the applicants on your behalf. If the professional and social skills accord with your expectations, you will get to meet the applicant.

A lot of sensitivity has to be applied when looking for suitable candidates for key positions. Prospective applicants behave rather cautiously, which is understandable. In that regard it is extremely important to have multiple contacts and to be well connected. Absolute discretion is our top priority in this sensitive area. We find professionals and executives in the commercial sector and specialists in the public sector.

Large orders are wonderful, but they often mean exceeding personnel capacity. Unforeseen resignations are less desirable, but ultimately bring you into a similar situation in respect to personnel capacity. With a temporary assignment, you will be able to bridge critical times optimally - and maybe get to know and test your future employee. With our “Try & Hire” model, you always have the opportunity to employ on a permanent basis personnel provided by us. The only prerequisite, both sides agree: you and the candidate.

Your Benefits

Personnel consulting and recruitment is a matter of trust. Jobsolutions works totally discreetly and professionally. If you are looking for the right staff for you, use our experience to your advantage. Further advantages are: You save a lot of time - and with it money and nerves, because you are only introduced to candidates who are compatible to you and your tasks.

The goal of our consulting and engagement is always to find the candidate that is appropriate for your company. That is, to find the person who fits with their professional and personal competencies your requirement profile. And so we work to your ends...

  • Together we put the professional and personal requirements profile for the position to be filled. Our quality guide has proved very helpful in this respect.
  • We search for suitable candidates through our web-based applicant database, job exchange, job advertisements and contacts.
  • We examine the applications, select who is on the shortlist, and conduct initial interviews with applicants.
  • We will introduce you to the candidate profiles that are suitable for you.
  • You decide who you want to meet.
  • We arrange appointments with candidates at the appropriate location, e.g. at your offices. Or…
  • We will organize an interview day with the candidates at our premises.
  • On request, we can be present at the interviews.
  • If wished, we can advise you on the selection of the candidate.

When arranging interim managers, contracts are concluded with a description of the respective project and tasks. In addition, you will be supported by your appointed consultant from Jobsolutions during the entire project phase.

Jobsolutions offers you individual advice, support and monitoring right through the search for suitable personnel. You are provided with your individual consultant and concentrate your decision upon a hand-picked selection of candidates. Good grounds for transferring the responsibility for your staff search to Jobsolutions. So we believe!