Clear Course

Specializing in our subjects and areas is the basis for our success. As specialists and thanks to more than 30 years of experience, the various job profiles and descriptions are familiar to us. Thanks to our know-how in professional competencies and a strong sense of personal aptitude, we bring together what belongs together.

Jobsolutions advises, arranges, transfers, searches and finds qualified specialists at various levels - permanent or temporary - in the areas of office, finance / banking, the public sector and the intellectual property.

Specializing means for us:


  • Focusing on our core areas. We focus on our areas. This allows us to offer companies and candidates the best solutions.
  • Expertise placed on the job profiles. You talk to professionals. We are knowledgeable about the subject matter and personal requirements in the professional fields we provide.
  • Professionalism in dealing with the positions to be filled. We place high standards on ourselves and the quality of our service. We deal intensively with the tasks of the positions to be filled and with the profiling of the ideal candidate.

Office & Finance/Banking

Successful companies need specialized commercial staff. Commercial specialists need a suitable business environment. Jobsolutions brings both together and is thus the ideal partner for filling positions in the areas of office & finance / banking. We have many years of experience as a personnel service provider for commercial professions. 

Then you are in exactly the right place with us. The recruitment of commercial specialists is the core competency of Jobsolutions. We see the filling of commercial positions as a challenge for which we need to prove ourselves as a competent service provider with every new vacancy that arises.

Many years of experience as personnel professionals, excellent candidate networks and tried and tested applicant management and selection procedures make Jobsolutions a good business partner.

You want to make a difference with your qualifications and your personality? You are looking for exciting tasks at interesting companies. Jobsolutions as a specialized service provider for commercial trades can be your door opener. We have the "direct line" to personnel decision-makers in companies.

We provide and transfer qualified staff in office activities (m / f)

  • Sales personnel
  • Marketing Customer Service
  • Export | Import
  • Purchasing Professionals
  • Logistic Operators | Material Specialists
  • Personnel Administrators | Special Advisors
  • Assistants | Secretaries

We provide and transfer qualified staff in office activities (m / f)

  • Accountants,  Accounts Payable & Receivable
  • Financial Accountants | Company Accountants
  • Controllers | Financial Analysts
  • Tax Accountants
  • Tax Specialists
  • Banking Professionals | Banking Specialists
  • Pay Roll Accountants

Public Sector

A modern and efficient administration needs specialized staff. Demands are increasing whilst the budgetary resources in the personnel pot are becoming scarcer. In order to attract the best minds, the public sector is increasingly resorting to support from the private sector: Jobsolutions is the right partner for recruiting specialists or bridging temporary personnel gaps.

Jobsolutions has many years of experience as a personnel service provider for federal ministries, government offices, state and municipal administrations, as well as at European level, public enterprises, social insurance, education and research institutions, as well as foundations, non-profit organizations, associations and organisations.

The public sector is managed by Jobsolutions as a separate sector with specific requirements and concerns: We understand the right to a fair, transparent competition as a challenge, to prove ourselves as a service provider with every call for tenders - and to provide an economical and high-quality offer. Jobsolutions guarantees compliance with all social standards for employees. In order to make the work placement easier, Jobsolutions is certified according to PQ VOL. The certificate stands for audited references of public contracting authorities and suitability certificates for economic reliability and legal compliance.

Yet business partners expect from Jobsolutions more than just reliability: only as a result of longstanding experience as personnel professionals for the public sector, excellent candidate networks and proven recruiting and selection procedure, mark Jobsolutions as a good business partner.

Do you want to make a difference with your education or your studies, to contribute to the common good, to realize ideals? You would like to work in the public sector. Jobsolutions as a specialized service provider can be your door opener. We have the "direct line" to decision-makers in indirect and direct federal institutions as well as at local, state or EU level, in non-governmental organizations and generally in the area of "non-profit".

Your first step: Apply to Jobsolutions, through an initiative application or to a specific advertisement. We shall then evaluate your application. All activities of Jobsolutions are free of charge and without commitment for you as an applicant. If your application is convincing, we will invite you to a detailed and confidential interview. Where are your talents, your goals, your best career opportunities? If everything goes well, it will continue as follows: in coordination with you we introduce you to selected institutions - with a professional candidate profile developed by us. We will give you valuable tips for your application and your interview. Together with you, we determine which of our services - direct placement or temporary work - is suitable for your particular situation.

With respect to temporary employment, we guarantee our employees fair tariff conditions and over-tariff benefits as well as the option of a job ticket. The payment is in most cases comparable to the conditions of TVÖD (German law collective agreement).

Jobsolutions provides and transfers:
Experts for general administrative duties (from administrative assistants to business administrators to administrative business managers or lawyers), from administrator to department head (m / w)

Additionally staff for:

  • Application processing, proof of use of funds, project funding
  • Budget management / Federal budget code (BHO)
  • Procurement according to public procurement regulations
  • Accounting / Finance and Controlling for the Public Service
  • Personnel services and tariff law in accordance with TVÖD/TVL (German statute)
  • Travel cost reimbursement according to BRKG (German regulations)
  • Office Assistant / Secretarial / Administration / Event Management
  • IT - Network Administration / IT Specialist Tasks
  • File archiving and electronic document management
  • Post office, courier services, reception, customer service
  • Social insurance / statutory health insurance
  • Project development cooperation
  • Scientific collaboration

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is a key issue for many companies. Having suitable specialists in this central area of innovation can have a decisive influence on whether or not your company is, and above all, remains competitive. For the management of patents, designs and trademarks, patent departments usually select suitable partners in patent law firms. Jobsolutions provides specialists for both lines of business.

We are very familiar with the special requirements for this field. A well-maintained network of candidates possessing the appropriate know-how in the field of intellectual property, combined with comprehensive discretion in this sensitive and tight market; that all allows us to provide success for you.

Are you an experienced patent attorney,  or are you currently at the outset  of a career in the area of intellectual property protection and are you looking for an employer to help you develop? Then contact us. We recruit for the following positions in IP departments of companies,  as well as in patent law firms.

Positions in commercial intellectual property rights

  • German patent attorneys
  • European patent attorneys
  • Patent assessors
  • Patent engineers
  • Patent managers
  • Patent attorney candidates
  • Patent attorney paralegals